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USA Made - The Story

You believe in better. That's what Uptown Floors is about.

Uptown Floors involved two years of planning and assembling an USA MadeAmerican only product line. Having an extensive background in hardwood flooring itself, I followed an outline of what many are looking for. Tops on the list was creating a high quality product made by Americans in America.

Finding Responsible Sources Difficult

Over the two year planning stage, I looked inward to our country as a source for materials, visiting and contacting many mills that manufacture hardwood flooring. Unfortunately there was always one element missing. A proven track record of responsibility and care for the environment. Every single one on my list failed because they were more or less scrambling over the last 5-10 years to becoming responsible.

Finding The Proven Track Record

I only had to look into the culture of one group of Americans, or one that has a proven track record. For the past 200 years this group of people have been in true harmony with nature showing commitment for the land not seen elsewhere. It’s the Amish heritage.

You will notice, this is the only page on the site that mentions whoKen Fisher at the mill the most important spoke in the wheel is with Uptown Floors. From selecting what trees are chosen for lumbering, to the slow and meticulous milling and finally the finished end product; all ingredients that result in a high quality made product.

This group of Americans are not distracted by outside influences in the form of fast production or money. For them it’s a time honored tradition of hard work and producing a quality product. For myself, they were the only choice I wanted to make, because I knew people like yourself would agree. If it hadn’t been for this hard working group of people, Uptown Floors would not have become a reality.

The 21st Century

Today many have adapted to a modern way of doing business and hand scraping Hickory technology advances. For the most part, gone are the days of not using telephones or modern machinery in everyday business. Many also use the internet. Their livelihood in the past was predominantly farming, but as real estate prices soared in the latter part of the 20th century, land was more difficult to come by and their way of living had to change.

Today they are involved in a number of industries that compete on a national scale. In order to become competitive changes took place that often meant tying into the electrical grid to assure themselves of consistent power to produce high quality goods at competitive prices. The actual manufacturing of all Uptown hardwoods comes by way of the grid with the exception of the log mills which run on diesel generated power.

Earnest attempts were made to adapt with the ever changing world which also included thoughts of obtaining power from wind turbines. Unfortunately as it was, environmentalists prevented that from becoming a reality to protect the hawks and owls in the region where our floors are manufactured.


If you watch my manufacturing videos, I take you through the manufacturing and finishing facilities to show how Uptown floors are made. I take pride in this because I know many people out there really want to know how their floors are made, or if they actually come from the USA.

Local Sustainable Sources

All solid and engineered hardwoods sold through Uptown Floors originates from within the the north central areas of the Appalachian mountain range.

Engineered Manufacturing

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Baltic Birch makes up our engineered core, a proven and widely used substrate in industries like fine furniture and cabinet making.

The adhesion process of bonding your engineered hardwoods is accomplished by using an environmentally friendly hotmelt adhesive application sourced in the USA.

All Uptown products are CARB 2 compliant. See test results.


Your finishes are also environmentally friendly, VOC free and manufactured outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

Ken Fisher
Uptown Floors

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See How Our Floors Are Made

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