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American Made Hardwood Floors

3/4 Inch Engineered or Solid Long Length Hardwoods

    • Solid hardwoods
    • Engineered hardwoods

Follow the story, made in America by Americans.

Milling Wide Plank Walnut
Wire Brushed Hardwoods

Today. American Made Hardwood Flooring

Over the past couple of years I began noticing a strong consumer trend towards finding American made hardwoods. There was only one problem. Who makes what and where does it comes from? Asking your average flooring salesperson often results in mystified looks.

Watch our manufacturing video.

3/4 Inch Engineered Floors. 5.2 mm wear layer

¾ inch engineered floors are quickly becoming the reliable choice with the large demand for wider plank floors. Why? Our video explains it best.

See 3/4 Inch Engineered Natural Hardwoods
Discussing The Project at The Mill
At The Mill
Ohio Amish Country Side
Ohio Countryside


Uptown Floors goes one step further that no other does by going into the log mill and finally the finished flooring mill to show you what it takes to produce a high quality hardwood floor.

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